Aadhaar Card Download online as a E-Aadhaar Card or Letter

UIDAI Aadhaar Card Download online as a E-Aadhaar Card or E-Aadhaar Letter from at https://portal.uidai.gov.in/ResidentPortal/…
Aadhaar Card Downloading Details Follow …

Many more People was waiting for their Government of India issued Unique identification Card of Aadhaar Card , Still Some people has not getting their Aadhaar Cards Via Post .the Unique identification Authority of India will issued the Aadhaar Cards as an e-Aadhaar Card for Clear the problem .

Who Can Download the E-Aadhaar Card ?..
who was registered for Aadhaar Card on the Aadhaar Centers they all are will Download the Aadhaar Card online as a E-Aadhaar Card , Unregistered Candidates cannot Download the E-Aadhaar Card..

How to Download Aaadhaar Card online for Unregistered Candidates ?
The E-Aadhaar Card facility Available for only registered candidates only , the Unregistered Candidates Contact to the nearest Aadhaar enrollment of register Center or MRO Office for registered their Aadhaar Card , after the some days of register the candidates will Download their Aadhaar Card online as a E-Aadhaar Card .

How to Download Aadhaar Card online as a E-Aadhaar Card ?
all the registered candidates will follow the below E-Aadhaar Card procedure in simple and detailed 3 steps for download online the E-Aadhaar Card .

The Aadhaar registered Candidates Log in to E-Aadhaar official web site of http://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in

Fill the form with the requited Details from the Enrollment Receipt ..

  • Enrolment No. and Date time : ( as per enrollment receipt )
  • Resident Name 🙁 as per enrollment receipt )
  • Pincode 🙁 Full Name as per enrollment receipt the Candidate applied Postal Pin Code)
  • Enter the text shown : ( Displayed Security Captcha Code ).
  • in the third step the Candidate will enter his/she Mobile Number for checking with (OTP) One Time Password to the Candidate Mobile Number ( if you are not registered in enrollment ) .

if you already registered your mobile number in Aadhaar enrollment you will seen ” if Mobile Number is Correct Click Yes , if Mobile Number is incorrect Click No ” Message on the Screen .

Check and verify your mobile number is correct or no with the last 4 digits , its correct click the “yes” to continue , its not Correct Click “No” To Change your New Mobile number to Get the (OTP) One Time Password for checking or verify Code ,

The E-Aadhaar Card (OTP) One Time Password send to the candidate registered mobile number .

Enter the High Security Password (candidate getting (OTP) One Time Password from mobile ).
Now you will Download the E-Aadhaar Card or E-Aadhaar Letter as a PDF Format with Security Password protection , tack a Color print in a Photo paper it will used anywhere instead of original Aadhaar card .

Note : You will never open it directly ! , use your are postal pin Code to Security Password ( as per enrollment receipt ) to open it and tack print out .
Aadhaar Card Download Available from http://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/eDetails.aspx .

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