Aadhaar Card Download online as a E-Aadhaar Card or Letter

UIDAI Aadhaar Card Download online as a E-Aadhaar Card or E-Aadhaar Letter from at https://portal.uidai.gov.in/ResidentPortal/…
Aadhaar Card Downloading Details Follow …

Many more People was waiting for their Government of India issued Unique identification Card of Aadhaar Card , Still Some people has not getting their Aadhaar Cards Via Post .the Unique identification Authority of India will issued the Aadhaar Cards as an e-Aadhaar Card for Clear the problem .

Who Can Download the E-Aadhaar Card ?..
who was registered for Aadhaar Card on the Aadhaar Centers they all are will Download the Aadhaar Card online as a E-Aadhaar Card , Unregistered Candidates cannot Download the E-Aadhaar Card..

Aadhaar Card Download
Aadhaar Card Download
Name of the DepartmentUnique Identification Card of Aadhaar Card
AboutAadhaar Card Download online
AvailabliltyOnline and Offline
CategoryAadhaar Card Update, Aadhaar Status Check, Download E-Aadhaar
Academic Year2021-2022
Official Website https://portal.uidai.gov.in/

How to Download Aaadhaar Card online for Unregistered Candidates ?
The E-Aadhaar Card facility Available for only registered candidates only , the Unregistered Candidates Contact to the nearest Aadhaar enrollment of register Center or MRO Office for registered their Aadhaar Card , after the some days of register the candidates will Download their Aadhaar Card online as a E-Aadhaar Card .

How to Download Aadhaar Card online as a E-Aadhaar Card ?
all the registered candidates will follow the below E-Aadhaar Card procedure in simple and detailed 3 steps for download online the E-Aadhaar Card .

The Aadhaar registered Candidates Log in to E-Aadhaar official web site of http://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in

Fill the form with the requited Details from the Enrollment Receipt ..

  • Enrolment No. and Date time : ( as per enrollment receipt )
  • Resident Name 🙁 as per enrollment receipt )
  • Pincode 🙁 Full Name as per enrollment receipt the Candidate applied Postal Pin Code)
  • Enter the text shown : ( Displayed Security Captcha Code ).
  • in the third step the Candidate will enter his/she Mobile Number for checking with (OTP) One Time Password to the Candidate Mobile Number ( if you are not registered in enrollment ) .

if you already registered your mobile number in Aadhaar enrollment you will seen ” if Mobile Number is Correct Click Yes , if Mobile Number is incorrect Click No ” Message on the Screen .

Check and verify your mobile number is correct or no with the last 4 digits , its correct click the “yes” to continue , its not Correct Click “No” To Change your New Mobile number to Get the (OTP) One Time Password for checking or verify Code ,

The E-Aadhaar Card (OTP) One Time Password send to the candidate registered mobile number .

Enter the High Security Password (candidate getting (OTP) One Time Password from mobile ).
Now you will Download the E-Aadhaar Card or E-Aadhaar Letter as a PDF Format with Security Password protection , tack a Color print in a Photo paper it will used anywhere instead of original Aadhaar card .

Note : You will never open it directly ! , use your are postal pin Code to Security Password ( as per enrollment receipt ) to open it and tack print out .
Aadhaar Card Download Available from http://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/eDetails.aspx .