Bihar Apna Khata Bhulekh khasra Nakal Download

Bihar State Land Records (Apna Khata) Bihar Bhulekh Khasra Nakal Download for Bihar Apna Khata Bhulekh Status Check Online or Verification process and your account records online check at….

Now, it is very easy to get your land details and land records. You can download your land details online in just few seconds. Let’s know how to download your land record(bhulekh) online step-by-step.

Download duplicate copy of your land details online
If you follow the steps given below then you will not have any problem to get your land details.

Name of the DepartmentDepartment of Revenue and Land Reforms
AboutBihar Apna Khata Bhulekh khasra Nakal Download
TypeBihar State Land Records
Type of Records khasra Khatauni Nakal, Apna Khata, Bhulekh
CategoryBihar Apna Khata, Bihar Bhulekh (Land Records)
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Step -1

  • To know about your land details or bhulekh click on the link, which is given below.
  • Than you have seen bellow screen
  • After clicking on link you will see Bihar map as shown in the figure.

Now, what you have to do-:

  • Now, select the place where you live or the location of the place for which you want to know the details of land or farm.
  • For example i have just choose Patna and click on Patna.


  • A map of that district or locationwhich you selected in step – 1 will open as shown in given figure.
  • After that you have to select your next location and in this manner you will reach nearer and nearer to your specificlocation, for which you need to see your property paper of your land. Here just for example i selected paliganj.


  • After completing above two steps, you will see a picture which is shown here in figure.
  • After completing above two steps, you will see a picture which is shown.
  • Now, what you have to do is that, you have to choose mauja(village) first of all.


  • After completing third step you have to enter your details and there are 3 ways to know your information, you can choose any of these three. These three ways are given below.
    1. By entering your account number-: As you can see a option of account number on above figure, if you have your account number then you can find your land details by filling it.
    2. By entering khesra number-: If you have khesra then also you can get your land or farm details.
    3. By account holder name-:  If you don’t have your account number or khesra number then also you can get your account details, you have to enter account holder name and press the account search button.

Note-: “You have to fill only and only one detail, it may be account number, khesra number and account holder’s name. Before filling details you have to fill the corresponding circle.”

4.Next procedure-:

  • By understand the given figure your all doubts will clear so, watch it very carefully.
  • In given figure, you can see 3 ways by which you can know your land or bhulekh details, these ways are covered by blue box, a black box is created because if you get any hurdles in finding your mauja(village) then you can manually write your mauja(village)and it will directly shown in red box.After doing all the steps which is mentioned above, click or touch the‘account search’which is covered here with orange box.

After completing all these steps you will found out a page like give figure and you have to click on ‘view’. There will various names but you have.

  • to click on that particular name for which you are looking.
  • Once you click on the ‘view’all the land details of that particular person will open and you can easily print out that papers.
  • You will see all the details of that person as here i showed in figure.

2.Some important points

1.Online land record-:

  • You can’t present these land details as evidence in court.
  • These records are only for information.
  • You can get these documents online.

2.physical documents-:

  • These are hard original documents and you can present these documents as evidence in court.
  • These documents can be collected from revenue office(tehsil).

3.How online  documents help you-:

  • You can check your farm or land details easily.
  • If you want to buy any land or farm, you can check owner’s name, type of land, exact area and many other things also.
  • You can check if there is any encumbrance on owner like loan, court matter, any borrow and many other things.

4.careful while buying agricultural land-:

  • First of all, register sale deed.
  • Don’t forgot for mutation. Basically mutation is the process in which name of old owner from property get removed and name of new owner listed on online, bhulekh(land record)
  • Don’t forgot to do mutation because you may be cheated if you don’t mutate your new property.